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Card Punching / Cutting Machines  
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Card Punching Machines YCK Series

We have 6 models of card punching machines, They all are:

1. Used for: Produce various of plastic cards, smart cards.

2. Function: Punching laminated plastic sheets, get CR80 size (85.6*54mm) cards. Also can make other sizes of cards (customized).

3. Applicable materials (sheets): PVC, ABS, TESLIN, PC (Polycarbonate), PET, PETG, Synthetic Paper, Card sticker, magnet sticker, etc. Sheet thickness about 0.2 to 1.3mm.

4. The punching die is made of imported steel, the edge of the card is neat and smooth without burrs, and the punching die is durable.


The 6 punching machines are:


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