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Contactless Card (Inlay) Production Line  
Name:Antenna embedding machine YCA series
Intro: Antenna embedding machine YCA series1.Used for embedding fine copper wire on plastic sheets to make Inlays for smart cards.2. It adopts the first-class servomot......
Name:Chip Module Bonding Machine YCB series
Intro: Chip Module Bonding Machines YCB seriesYCB series chip module bonding machines are used for bonding / welding chip and antenna wire.Adopts high-speed servo syst......
Name:Chip Module Pick Place Machine
Intro: Bulkchippick-placemachine YC-BCPP-4000ThismachineisdesignedforpreciselyplacingthecontactlessICchipontochipfixingholesinthePVCsheet. ItiscontrolledbyPLCwithbig-s......
Name:Stripe Module Chip Cut-Pick-Place Machin
Intro: Stripe chip module cut, Glue dispense and Chip implant Machine YC-MCPP-3A This machine is used for cutting chip modues from module stripe, dispensing glue into ......
Name:Inlay Sheet Position Hole Punching Machi
Intro: Inlay Sheet Position Hole Punching Machine YCPP-2AThis machine is a kind of supplementary equipment for processing inlays of contactless smart cards, which is u......
Name:Chip hole punch machine YCPH-3A / 4A / 5
Intro: Chip hole punching machine YCPH-3A / YCPH-4A / YCPH-5AThis machine is a supplementary equipment for processing inlays of contactless smart cards, which is used ......
Name:Chip module die cutter YCPM-3A
Intro: Chip module die cutter YCPM-3AThis machine is a kind of supplementary equipment for processing Inlays of contactless smart card, which is used to punch modules ......
Name:Inlay sheet tester YC-IST
Intro: Inlay sheet tester YC-IST1. This device is designed for checking the qualification ratio of INLAY chip bonding before or after lamination.2. The software has va......
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