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Chip Module Bonding Machine YCB series  
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Chip Module Bonding Machines YCB series

YCB series chip module bonding machines are used for bonding / welding chip and antenna wire.

Adopts high-speed servo system and highly stable and accuracy spot welder with HF contravariant resistance, which is characterized with high accuracy, high stability and high speed.

We can make it for different cards layout, and 1 or 2 worktables.
YCB-11: 1 worktable, 1 bonding head.
YCB-13: 1 worktable, 3 bonding heads.
YCB-23: 2 worktables, 3 bonding heads.
YCB-24: 2 worktables, 4 bonding heads.

Video Link:
YCB-11: https://youtu.be/fi491Y8q_eE
YCB-23: https://youtu.be/L-AEcYfkFXQ



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