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Antenna embedding machine YCA series  
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Antenna embedding machine YCA series

1. Used for embedding fine copper wire on plastic sheets to make Inlays for smart cards.

2. It adopts the first-class servomotor multi-axial controllers and the first-class 70kHz ultrasonic generator (Switzerland brand Rinco).

3. It features high precision and high stability.

4. The machine has higher productivity based on single worktable with speedy embedding heads.

5. It is one of the fastest antenna embedding machines at present in the world.

6. It is customizable for 1 or 2 work tables, customizable for 1-8 embedding heads, and customizable for different sheet size and cards layout:
YCA-11: 1 worktable, 1 embedding head.
YCA-13: 1 worktable, 3 embedding heads.
YCA-23: 2 worktables, 3 embedding heads.
YCA-24: 2 worktables, 4 embedding heads.

7. Video Link:

YCA-13: https://youtu.be/SYwn8dN1JAg
YCA-23: https://youtu.be/i1zZCEmqHe0

Embedding on PC sheet video: https://youtu.be/s0UinfsqiYY
Embedding dual interface inlay coil: https://youtu.be/x546lnyO7wY


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