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A3+ laminator YCY-215D 420*520  
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A3+, PLC Control, Double Towers, 5 Heat+5 Cool Lamination Machine YCY-215D 420*520

1. Designed for large and medium card factories.

2. Meet the needs of various types of smart cards, chip cards, Inlay, electronic label lamination process.

3. Suitable materials: PVC, PC, ABS, PET, PETG, TESLIN, synthetic paper, etc. sheets.

4. Lamination board size is 420*520mm, suitable for A3 or A3+ size sheets, standard CR80 size cards in 3*7, 3*8, 4*8, 5*5 layout.

5. Double towers structure, two groups of hydraulic cylinders. Heating daylights on the right side, cooling daylights on the left side.

6. 5 heating + 5 cooling daylights / openings/ drawers. (Other quantity is customizable).

7. Hydraulic pressure.

8. Electric heating.

9. Water circulation cooling. Need water chiller.

10. Intelligent control type.
▶ Touch screen set parameters, PLC control.
▶ High pressure and temperature accuracy. The temperature for heating and the pressures for cool and heat lamination are controlled through the fully-closed loop. The temperature is evenly distributed and the control of pressure is accurate. The control precision of temperature is as ±1℃ and the control precision of pressures are as ±0.3MPa.
▶ Heat Lamination process pressure can be divided into 1 to 8 grades. Cool lamination process pressure can be divided into 1 to 4 grades.
▶ For different laminating jobs, up to 6 sets of operating parameters can be set and saved for easy retrieval.
▶ The pressure releasing spring is applied between the top template and upper beam to realize slight contact, in order to protect inlays and chips for smart cards.
▶ In order to meet the special lamination demands of high-end cards, the process of heat lamination boards rising can be set into 1 to 5 stages as per specific technological requirements and the time for staying at each stage can be flexibly set.
▶ Temperature rising process is controlled by PID mode. When there is much difference between detected temperature and set value, temperature rising by full power heating, in order to rise to set value with the fastest speed. When the temperature is about to reach the set value, the P.I.D heating mode is automatically activated to prevent the temperature from exceeding the set value. The temperature control is accurate.

11. Lamination boards material is available in stainless steel or aluminium alloy. Advantages of aluminum alloy: better heat conduction performance, faster heating and faster cooling.

12. High quantity and famous brand parts for hydraulic system and electrical system, ensure machine with reliable quality.The whole machine structure is well compact and rigid.

13. Laminator appearance available in with housing or without housing.

▶ Youtube Video link:
Video 1: https://youtu.be/IHaD_fg4bkg
Video 2: https://youtu.be/TDiuxiPGS9g
Video 3: https://youtu.be/LTb3AzEad4c

The same type of laminators:
(Same control method, same structure, same working process with YCY-215D, the only difference is laminating board size):
★ YCY-215H 350*500
★ YCY-215D 420*520
★ YCY-215A 550*640
★ YCY-215B 450*655
★ YCY-215X 550*750
Note: Other lamination board sizes and daylight quantity are customizable.

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