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A4 Card Servo Punching Machine YCK-2B  
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A4 2*5 Servo Card Punch Machine YCK-2B

1. A4 card cutter YCK-2B is designed for small and medium-scale card manufacturers.

2. It can punch various materials, such as PVC, ABS, TESLIN, PC, PET Card sticker, PETG, synthetic paper, etc. The thickness of the material is about 0.2-1.2mm.

3. The feed sheet size is A4 and card layout is 2x5. The punching card size is CR80 (standard credit card size 85.6x53.98mm). For punching some other sizes of card is customizable.

4. The punching die is made of imported steel, the edge of the card is neat and smooth without burrs, and the punching die is durable.

5. Use Panasonic PLC control, WeinView HMI operate.

6. Manually put sheets, Automatic correction and alignment of sheet position, Automatic feeding sheets, Automatic punching.
(6.1) KEYENCE high-precision optical fiber sensor is used for automatic correction of sheets.
(6.2) The feeding system adopts servo motor + high-precision ball screw and plane guide rail, which moves smoothly and accurately. The program function is strong, can set different stride distance for each step to ensure the punching accuracy.
(6.3) Adopts servo motor to drive the punching die, which has stable punching, large power, fast speed, low noise, and easy maintenance.

7. After pressing START button, machine automatically correction of sheet position, automatically and continuously feed 5 steps and punch 5 times. It is easy to operate.

▶ Video Link 1: https://youtu.be/efyxmzJYNr8
▶ Video Link 2: https://youtu.be/jMwzpHHAQsg


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