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Magnetic Strip Encoding Machine YME-7000  
Product Info

High-speed Automatic Magnetic Stripe Card Encoding Machine YME-7000

This machine is used for encoding the personalized data into various magnetic cards. It can download the data from the host computer into the different track(s) of the magnetic cards as per different functional requirements.

It features high speed and good consistency of data loading. It has many functions such as checkout after encoding and bad card rejection.

Technical parameters
l  speed: no less than 7000 pcs./hour for HICO/LOCO mag. card
l  Support Program: Windows XP system
l  Anti-magnetic degree: 300 oe -4000 oe
l  Record Density: 210 BPI 75/210 BPI compatible 210 BPI
l  Track number: Track #1, track #2 and track #3
l  ISO 7811: Mag. track Hico/Loco mag. encoding and decoding compatible.
l  Operating temperature: -10-50 0C
l  Magnetic writing head lifetime: 400,000 times.
l  Power supply:AC220V, 50/60Hz
l  Power :1kW
l  Weight:150kg
l  Dimension: L2040*W600*H1500mm
YouTube video link: https://youtu.be/GI2h_tQuHLU
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